Hi Carb No Bolus Diabetic

Nine months ago I switched from LCHF to Dr. McDougall’s high carb no fat diet (plant based, starchivore)  to manage my type 1 diabetes. Since then I have not needed to inject rapid insulin at meal times. Before that, I needed about 10 units of bolus a day (plus 16 of basal), even though my carbs intake was less than 30 grams a day. Dietary fat had made me so insulin resistant, that my body needed exogenous insulin to metabolise it’s very own carbs my poor liver was grinding out all day, every day.

So how do the blood sugars of a high carb no bolus diabetic look? Read More

Two by two

Another Machans sunrise. Every morning the same sun rising, every morning different. I love this part of my exercise routine: stop for a moment, retrieve that wonderful fujifilm kit from my bag, and frame the shot. On the walk home, think about using the pic in the next blog post. What shall I write? Read More

Humans of Da Beach

Waking blood sugar is 4.9 mmol/L! Sky is clear, barometer is up, wind in the southeast, humidity bearable, the new Libre sensor is agreeable with a bloody finger prick: another perfect day in Paradise!

The lady in the featured photo we call ‘Elbow’. She and her friend and dogs are usually the first regulars we meet on our pre-dawn ‘get the sugar down’ walk. Elbow got her name because of the peculiar way she holds the dog leash. Elbow always monologues to her friend about the subterfuge, drama and intrigue at her place of employment. I suspect Elbow is at the root of it. Read More


On waking today my blood sugar was 4.8 mmol/L. That’s the same as a normal person’s. After breakfast and bike ride 3.9, before lunch 4.9. Yesterday’s numbers: 4.6, 5.8, 4.9, 4.8, 3.6, 7.3, 4.7. All pretty much normal.

Why do I value plain vanilla ordinary normalcy?

High Blood sugar levels Kill
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The ‘E’ word

I am an extremist.

I cause fear and terror whenever I eat in social situations. I eat plants. Only plants. No animal products. No meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy. No oil, no fat. Whole foods, that is: plants that have undergone only minimal processing by machinery in a plant. That makes me extreme. Read More

Courage and Cunning

When I was a 14 year old studying at the Lyceum in Utrecht, my favourite teacher was Harry. He taught us Greek and Latin. After slaving over difficult texts such as Xenophon, Ovid and Homer, during the last lesson on a Wednesday afternoon, he would read to us from Homer’s Odyssee, in Dutch fortunately. Harry was a born story teller. He transported us away from the dreary classroom into the heroic tales of the king of Ithaca. We were there, on Odysseus’ ship.  Read More

Judgement Day

“Your HbA1c is 5.6% (37 mmol/mol) and your total cholesterol is 2.4 mmol/L (93 mg/dl). Don’t you eat any fat? Do you take statins?”, said my endocrinologist. Me with big smile on my face: “No, I eat no fat or oils. And no, I do not take any medication other than six units of Levemir per day”.

She was incredulous. Read More

Breakfast on the beach

Fasting glucose is 4.9 mmol/L  (88 mg/dl) today. Another wonderful start to a high carb day. Yet again I am astounded that the starchivore diet allows me to achieve excellent blood sugar control on only 1 insulin injection. Today I’ll eat 700 grams of carbs, 90 grams protein and 20 grams fat. Covered by all of 6 units of Levemir. Read More

Dancing the cord

Being a diabetic is like dancing on a cord, the Dutch equivalent of tightrope walking. Carefully we balance our sugar, charting a course between the  Scylla of too low which could result in the instant dead in bed syndrome, and the Charybdis of too high which could result in premature dead in bed and anywhere else syndrome.

My fasting glucose this morning was 4.6 mmol (83 mg/dl), dead on the normal number! Woohoo!

There is greater joy in heaven (and here too) over one diabetic who gets his or her sugar right, than over 99 with a righteous pancreas who don’t even know their sugars, nor need to. 😉

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