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Bi-annual review this week. All results from an extensive battery of tests are in the normal healthy non-diabetic range, including A1c at 5.8% and total cholesterol at 3.3 mmol/L. 

Only another diabete and their loved ones would understand the hard work that goes into a result like this: the discipline, the diet (vegan plant based whole food high carb low fat), the exercise (1,000 km cycling, 200 km walking each month). All this means I require only 5-7 units of basal insulin per day, no bolus.

I have a sense of achievement.

The endo’s response?

“Your A1c is too low, your carb intake is too high, and your lifestyle is extreme”.

Hi Carb No Bolus Diabetic

Nine months ago I switched from LCHF to Dr. McDougall’s high carb no fat diet (plant based, starchivore)  to manage my type 1 diabetes. Since then I have not needed to inject rapid insulin at meal times. Before that, I needed about 10 units of bolus a day (plus 16 of basal), even though my carbs intake was less than 30 grams a day. Dietary fat had made me so insulin resistant, that my body needed exogenous insulin to metabolise it’s very own carbs my poor liver was grinding out all day, every day.

So how do the blood sugars of a high carb no bolus diabetic look? Read More

Judgement Day

“Your HbA1c is 5.6% (37 mmol/mol) and your total cholesterol is 2.4 mmol/L (93 mg/dl). Don’t you eat any fat? Do you take statins?”, said my endocrinologist. Me with big smile on my face: “No, I eat no fat or oils. And no, I do not take any medication other than six units of Levemir per day”.

She was incredulous. Read More

Bordering on the ridiculous

A healthy human has just under 5 grams of sugar dissolved in the bloodstream. That’s about 1 teaspoonful. The body has a clever mechanism to keep sugar at this steady level. Too low and the brain goes into a kernel panic. Too high is like spilling a sugary soft drink over the computer keyboard. Everything becomes sticky, blood protein is deformed and over time results in limb amputation or blindness. Read More

Why high carb

Countless studies demonstrate that a high carb diet is bad for a diabetic. And with the increasing popularity of Atkins, Paleo and ketogenic diets, it seems that carbs are evil for healthy people too. My dear niece likes to share ‘ditch the carbs’ recipes on Facebook. Just to amuse me, I’m sure.

So why is this particular type 1 diabetic thriving on a very high carb diet? Why is it that I can have good blood glucose control while eating 700 grams of carbs a day and injecting only minimal insulin? Read More

Starchivore Diabetic?

In Diabetes 101 I learnt that type 1 diabetics produce little to no insulin, are unable to metabolise carbohydrates, and must restrict carbs and starches in their diet. The body converts these to sugar, and this is poison to a diabetic. Read More

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