Swing low sweet chariot

Our steadfast routine is to walk for an hour around dawn every day. It never disappoints.

I try to keep my blood sugar above 4.0 mmol/L (72mg/dl) at all times.

Especially during the night.

Occasionally I stuff up, and it dips into the threes. A little too much insulin injected, a bite or two less into my pie hole at dinner, or a slightly faster pace or longer distance during my daily walk will do it.

Rarely do I sleep through a hypoglycaemic episode.

Instead, I have vivid dreams about food and my inability to get it.

Or, deeply frightening nightmares.

My wife’s response: “There, there, it’s all OK, now go and check your sugar”.

She’s lovely.

Gospel according to Pilate

They fished all night. Nothing. Countless times they set and recovered the heavy nets. Nada. Zilch. Heading to shore for a much needed rest, a voice rang out over the water:

“D’ya do orright?”

“Nah, just got here!” The standard fisherman lie reply to yet another wannabe know-it-all ashore.

“Look over there, the bait are chopping, try there, heaps of fish a bit further out to the left.”

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It is four in the morning. The Jetstar A330 from Osaka touches down at nearby Cairns Airport. I hear the long braking run. No reverse thrust is used, thoughtful pilots.

I wake from a weird dream. Low sugar?

Yep, I’m still a diabetic.

With heavy heart I start the daily diabetes grind: check blood, correct, eat, exercise, inject, check, correct, etc., etc.

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Stop and Smell

Judging by my Facebook feed the presidential election result in the US of A means the end of the world as we know it. The screeching of the lefties easily overpowers the cicada chorus in the tree outside my window. The victors are on the back foot, secretly gloating, yet uneasy about the future they wanted so badly, and got. Read More

Starchivore Diabetic?

In Diabetes 101 I learnt that type 1 diabetics produce little to no insulin, are unable to metabolise carbohydrates, and must restrict carbs and starches in their diet. The body converts these to sugar, and this is poison to a diabetic. Read More

Powered by plants

Humans have the wonderful ability to put up with difficulty and hardship in the present moment through trusting the promise of a reversal of circumstances in a future moment. Humans hope.

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Heaven can wait

My project to, by the grace of God, die of old age, has recently suffered a significant setback. Three months ago, just after my sixtieth birthday, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

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