No Boundary

I can’t paint.

But if I could, I would paint thick strokes, outrageous colours, boundary-less swirling energy, with perhaps one feature in focus, all bathed in the most surreal light.

It would be the world before the word, before the concept, before the boundary, before I, before non-I.

The All as it was created. Before ‘God said’.

The wind of Spirit hovering over the chaos.

Chaos as that wind, billowing into what we have learnt to call ‘this and that’ , ‘you and I’.

That is what I would, if I could.

Every Valley

When you’re a diabetic, you’re always on the lookout for other members of the Dead Pancreas Society. Including those members no longer with us. Like the famous composer Georg Friedrich Händel. Definitely a D. He even composed a choral hymn to the diabetic’s holy grail: flatlining blood glucose.

“Every valley exalted, hills laid low, crooked straight, rough places plain.”

You get the idea. In my mind’s eye I can see him conducting the Messiah, syringe for baton, glucose monitor for metronome. 😉 Read More

Fairy Land

Bi-annual review this week. All results from an extensive battery of tests are in the normal healthy non-diabetic range, including A1c at 5.8% and total cholesterol at 3.3 mmol/L. 

Only another diabete and their loved ones would understand the hard work that goes into a result like this: the discipline, the diet (vegan plant based whole food high carb low fat), the exercise (1,000 km cycling, 200 km walking each month). All this means I require only 5-7 units of basal insulin per day, no bolus.

I have a sense of achievement.

The endo’s response?

“Your A1c is too low, your carb intake is too high, and your lifestyle is extreme”.

On Receiving

Getting a present for one’s birthday is precarious business. A control freak’s nightmare!

Will they remember to send a present? Will it be a two word text message a week after the event? Will they remember my birthday? Will they even remember me?

Perhaps that is why the Master taught: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

He was wrong. 😇

The photo is the reflection of the dawn of another gloriously gratuitous day in the windows of a local beach shack.

Very special. Like the pair of socks I may or may not get. 😁


Adam and Steve

Margaret Court says that Adam should not be able to marry Steve.

That would contravene God’s Word, better known as the Bible.

Margaret Court is a woman.

Margaret Court is the pastor of a church.

That too contravenes God’s Word.

Putting the fun back into fundamentalism😂!

Home 5 – Away 28

Never a dull moment in the life of a type 1 diabetic. No matter how strictly one sticks to the routine, some factors can’t be guessed at, let alone controlled.

My 87 year old father survived a heart attack recently. Wonderful news! Impeccable timing too, a week before his and mother’s usual minders leave on a seven week world tour. Read More

Born of the wind

Building boats is something I love doing.

James Wharram once said that a fulfilled life for a man is to have planted a tree, raised a son, and built a boat. Seems he got that quote from the Talmud.

After building a couple of Wharrams, a van de Stadt, a couple of Oughtreds, a Laurent Giles or two, a Welsford, and a Vivier, I’ve now put my hand to Kohler’s plough.

Read More

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