An A330 dangling the Dunlops on finals into Cairns airport.

I like writing.

Many ideas for a blogpost whizz around in my head.

I don’t like words.

How to express those brilliant ideas in less than 200 words?

That’s my block.

Writer’s block.

Good thing I have a camera.

Humans of Da Beach

Waking blood sugar is 4.9 mmol/L! Sky is clear, barometer is up, wind in the southeast, humidity bearable, the new Libre sensor is agreeable with a bloody finger prick: another perfect day in Paradise!

The lady in the featured photo we call ‘Elbow’. She and her friend and dogs are usually the first regulars we meet on our pre-dawn ‘get the sugar down’ walk. Elbow got her name because of the peculiar way she holds the dog leash. Elbow always monologues to her friend about the subterfuge, drama and intrigue at her place of employment. I suspect Elbow is at the root of it. Read More

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