When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four years ago, the doctor was blunt.

“If you don’t keep your blood sugar under control, then you will get diabetic complications: blindness, loss of limbs, kidney failure, heart failure, nerve damage, and last but not least: impotence.”

Doc set the goal, but offered no path.

The standard diabetes management offered by Annabel, my credentialled diabetes educator, wasn’t going to cut it. Still, I am very grateful to her for her care.

The search for a path that would lead to stable blood sugars and death by old age began. I had nothing to lose and tried anything.

Always hoping to avoid doc’s dire warning.

Ellen Davis’ and Dr Runyan’s ketogenic diet delivered good blood sugars, but made me ill with off the scale cholesterol levels.

Dr Bernstein’s version of this diet wasn’t much better.

I call him Doctor Killjoy. Carbs are evil, and you can only have ONE cherry tomato with your salad.

I pursued the low carb high fat path for 18 months.

An epic fail.

My new endo yelled at me, for having close to normal blood sugars (!) and sky high cholesterol.

She challenged me enough to change tacks.

Then I found new hope offered by the plant doctors – McDougall, Barnard, Greger, Fuhrman, Carney et al.

“Give up animal based foods and eat only very low fat plants. Focus on starches, and you will reach your goal.”, they said.

It worked, for a while. Blood sugar was fairly stable, weight went down, insulin usage down, and cholesterol: how low can you go?

For two years I cheerfully deprived myself of fructose, protein and fat.

Slowly, the kilos lost were regained, and they brought lots of buddies along for company. Calorie intake declined steadily. I became cold. I peed gallons all night every night. Insulin usage higher than ever. Blood sugar creeping up. No resilience to the common cold. Heart rate slowed to a ponderous 46 beats per minute. I felt like a bear going into hibernation.

Upside: I farted my own private hole into the ozone layer. The local sewage plant needed an upgrade to cater for my thrice daily epic dumps.

I allowed this n=1 experiment to go on for far too long. I probably damaged my metabolism.

So, it’s so long to the plant doctors, and thanks for the farts. You may stick your starch up your bony bottoms, and inflict your ideology on some other sucker.

Where to from here?

Dunno, but tonight the childbride will take me out to celebrate with a high calorie, high carb, high sugar, high protein, high fat and therefore maximum pleasure dinner: pizza followed by pavlova.

When properly fed I’m ready for it!


Meh πŸ˜’.

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  1. Seek and ye shall find.

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  2. Dinner was very lovely! Thanks Darling. With such a strong intention to be healthy, we will discover the pathway to deliver it. I am in it with you 100%.

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  3. Rien, from one t1d to another, don’t be too hard on yourself. We’re not supposed to be able to control our bsl with our brains…but we do. Our pancreases quit on us and we were asked to take over. It’s the equivalent of a brain surgeon walking out on the job and asking the janitor to take over. Tough gig. Hang in there, you’re doing just fine. Xx

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    1. I appreciate your supportive comments. Perhaps I should make it my goal to have good control just today, and not worry about what happens 20-30 years from now.



      1. Great idea! And don’t forget to celebrate the small victories. Also, don’t let the HCPs frighten you and have a look at Renza’s blog…


  4. A man’s spirit will sustain him in sickness…..proverbs

    Stay strong, that’s half the bloody battle won.

    Your in our thoughts. Hope you enjoyed the pav. Sounds yummy.



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