Language and thought

Our genes still remember our home, the ocean. Thousands of people find peace at water’s edge. Also this beautiful couple.

The most fearsome boss I ever worked for was of the view that precision of thought is impossible without precision of language.

Was he right?

I have diabetes.

The term is meaningless. It conveys no useful information.

It does not define the cause, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of my condition.

There are many types of diabetes. One is reversible by going for a walk. Another by giving birth.

There is no cure for mine. Only feeble attempts at management in order to postpone the inevitable for a while: death through disability.

The current discourse is flooded with the diabetes meme.

99% is irrelevant, if not damaging, to me. Especially internet doctors and ‘experts’ who spruik a cure or management regime for ‘diabetes’.

A tropical tribesman who has no word for ‘snow’ can be excused.

Not these.






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dutch by birth 🇳🇱 | australian by choice 🇦🇺 | type 1 diabetic 💉 | married ❤️⚭ | grandfather 👴🏻 | fujifilm photographer 📷 | boat builder and sailor ⛵️ | seeker no more 🚫📖

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  1. I had a boss once too, well actually, I had more than one boss, but the one in question used to have a definition for expert: X, being an unknown quantity, and spurt, being a drip under pressure.

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