First we eat

Full moon about to set. Nothing to do with the post. Just a nice pic.

An internet diabuddy blogged recently about the issues women with type 1 diabetes have to reckon with.

Exercise got a special mention. It lowers blood sugar, sometimes to dangerously low levels.

When she was diagnosed she was advised to eat a sandwich before sex. “Mood killer and all that”, she lamented.

Blokes with type 1 face worse issues. Imagine building a boat, I’ve just mixed a batch of epoxy, slapped it on a sheet of ply, and am about to laminate the cabin top of the new boat. Should only take an hour, but can’t be interrupted.

Halfway through: the dreaded light feeling in lower abdomen and upper legs, the need to pee, shakes.


Should have eaten a sandwich first….

Rip off the gloves, run to the house, scan the sensor: 3.2 mmol/L and crashing! Race to the fridge, stuff my face, then raid the jellybeans.

Back to the boat. Epoxy, time and tide, wait for no-one.

Mood killer alright!

There is a silver lining. The blood sugar lowering effect of sex can be put to good use.

“Darling, my blood sugar is high. Shall I inject some insulin, or will you fix it?”

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dutch by birth 🇳🇱 | australian by choice 🇦🇺 | type 1 diabetic 💉 | married ❤️⚭ | grandfather 👴🏻 | fujifilm photographer 📷 | boat builder and sailor ⛵️ | seeker no more 🚫📖

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