No Boundary

I can’t paint.

But if I could, I would paint thick strokes, outrageous colours, boundary-less swirling energy, with perhaps one feature in focus, all bathed in the most surreal light.

It would be the world before the word, before the concept, before the boundary, before I, before non-I.

The All as it was created. Before ‘God said’.

The wind of Spirit hovering over the chaos.

Chaos as that wind, billowing into what we have learnt to call ‘this and that’ , ‘you and I’.

That is what I would, if I could.

About the author Rien

dutch by birth 🇳🇱 | australian by choice 🇦🇺 | type 1 diabetic 💉 | married ❤️⚭ | grandfather 👴🏻 | fujifilm photographer 📷 | boat builder and sailor ⛵️ | seeker no more 🚫📖

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  1. Oh but you paint so well with words, Rien. 💙

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  2. Nicely said.

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