Every Valley

When you’re a diabetic, you’re always on the lookout for other members of the Dead Pancreas Society. Including those members no longer with us. Like the famous composer Georg Friedrich Händel. Definitely a D. He even composed a choral hymn to the diabetic’s holy grail: flatlining blood glucose.

“Every valley exalted, hills laid low, crooked straight, rough places plain.”

You get the idea. In my mind’s eye I can see him conducting the Messiah, syringe for baton, glucose monitor for metronome. 😉

Ole Georg’s song inspired me to achieve better blood sugar control. At 5.8% my HbA1c is pretty good for a diabetic, but it is slowly trending up and at the high end of what is normal for a non-diabetic. The risk of complications is real and increasing.

Ever since switching to a vegan high carb low fat daily exercise way of life I have injected 6 units of long acting insulin once a day only. Because of the diet my insulin resistance is low and a little Levemir goes a long way.  I do get the usual frightful carb spikes after a meal, and whatever the Levemir can’t mop up, the exercise does. Over time. And this is the crunch. For several hours a day my blood sugar is of a level where it spreads it’s gooey nastiness all over my organs.

Enter project ‘Every Valley’.

The spikes must go. So also the dips. Valleys exalted, hills laid low. Better flatline than deadline.

How will I do this?

  • Flatten the spikes by injecting rapid acting insulin before eating;
  • Inject more slow acting insulin (Levemir), so that my blood sugar is always slightly trending down;
  • Eliminate from my diet all foods that have a fat content greater than 10% of the total calorie value, thereby improving insulin sensitivity and giving a faster insulin response time;
  • Frequently eat snacks to stop sugars from going too low.

A ‘both ends’ sugar control system: insulin to make it go down, snacks to make it go up, and so achieve the flat line. Ken Thomas, a fellow diabete in the US of A, has blogged about this elegant system.

I feel like a proper diabete now instead of a pretend one. Lots of needles. Much testing. The highs are getting lower and the lows are awful.

With a little practice, umm lots, the insulin action will be in sync with my food intake. No delay, no spike, no dip, no organ damage. I’ll be able to join in with Mr Händel’s ode to flatlining sugar: Every valley, every vahalley shall be exahahalted 🎶.

The pic is of a rundown cottage in Bathurst. The owner couldn’t fathom why I wanted to photograph it. How could I explain?


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  1. No need to explain, just send him the picture.

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