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The T1D Diaries

A photoblog celebrating life and diabetes

Month / June 2017

Fairy Land

Bi-annual review this week. All results from an extensive battery of tests are in the normal healthy non-diabetic range, including A1c at 5.8% and total cholesterol at 3.3 mmol/L.  Only another diabete and their loved ones would understand the hard work that goes into a result like this: the discipline, the diet (vegan plant based […]

On Receiving

Getting a present for one’s birthday is precarious business. A control freak’s nightmare! Will they remember to send a present? Will it be a two word text message a week after the event? Will they remember my birthday? Will they even remember me? Perhaps that is why the Master taught: “It is more blessed to give […]

Adam and Steve

Margaret Court says that Adam should not be able to marry Steve. That would contravene God’s Word, better known as the Bible. Margaret Court is a woman. Margaret Court is the pastor of a church. That too contravenes God’s Word. Putting the fun back into fundamentalism😂!