Building boats is something I love doing.

James Wharram once said that a fulfilled life for a man is to have planted a tree, raised a son, and built a boat. Seems he got that quote from the Talmud.

After building a couple of Wharrams, a van de Stadt, a couple of Oughtreds, a Laurent Giles or two, a Welsford, and a Vivier, I’ve now put my hand to Kohler’s plough.

Work is progressing on the Eco 6 catamaran designed by Bernd Kohler. The bulkheads have been cut, framed and epoxied, and are ready for setting up. First I had to move the ‘humpy’ (my workspace). Humpy Mki was built for the Eco 5.5 cat. The increased beam of the Eco 6 means I need more direct access to the rear gate in the backyard. No point in building a nice boat and then not be able to get it to the water.


The doodad on my arm is my Libre sensor. It checks my blood sugar every five minutes, and stores it for eight hours. I regularly scan it, and upload the data to the reader. When working on the boat, my blood sugar tends to go too low. Gotta keep an eye on that. Technology makes managing type 1 diabetes so much easier.


A simple pipe frame with tarp will house the Eco 6. There is enough room for a workbench. The steel is recycled from other projects. It is 6 metres long, as long as the new boat, so I had to add a front porch to keep the rain off the sterns. Here I am setting up the strongback.



The strongback is complete, and I’ve started putting up the bulkhead holders.

Work will be interrupted during May. My 87 year old father suffered a heart attack, and survived. My mother, also 87, is somewhat frail, and their usual carers are on a well-deserved holiday. I volunteered to keep an eye on Pa and  Ma. They live 2,500 km south of Cairns. The ship will have to wait. Sigh.

I’ve decided on the nice fathead sloop rig. Bernd has kindly drawn up the detail specifications. I have all the Eco 6 drawings on my iPad with me, so I’ll use my time away from the shipyard to source mast, sails and rigging.

And drool.

I’ll try my darnedest to have ‘RotKat’ finished and sailing by the end of September.