“Is the deepest”, the minstrel sang.

Yesterday I started the construction of ‘RotKat’ Mk2, an ECOnomy 6 sailing catamaran designed by Bernd Kohler. She is a larger sister of ‘RotKat’ Mk1, which I started building not long ago.

I came to the realisation this week that I need not behave like a Virgo any longer, that I was ready to be born under the Leo zodiac sign, that it’s not my fault Ma wanted to cook me for an extra five weeks, so heck, I can make decisions befitting a Leo!🦁😉

While building ‘RotKat’ Mk1, an Eco 5.5 sailing cat, I realised that I was too focussed on the ease of trailering her home, possibly compromising seaworthiness. This week the Dry season began, and with it the usual southeasterly trade winds returned with a vengeance.

I need a ship that will take me to the Reef in 20 knots of breeze without white knuckles on the mainsheet.

With my newfound Leo decisiveness, and an understanding and supportive wife, the switch was made, plans purchased, and the first sawdust of ‘RotKat’ Mk2 was spilled on the boatyard floor.

And what a boatyard it is! Some wonderful ships first saw the light of day under a tarpaulin in our backyard.

‘RotKat’ is going to be a wonderful ship, and I am very excited to be building her.