Nine months ago I switched from LCHF to Dr. McDougall’s high carb no fat diet (plant based, starchivore)  to manage my type 1 diabetes. Since then I have not needed to inject rapid insulin at meal times. Before that, I needed about 10 units of bolus a day (plus 16 of basal), even though my carbs intake was less than 30 grams a day. Dietary fat had made me so insulin resistant, that my body needed exogenous insulin to metabolise it’s very own carbs my poor liver was grinding out all day, every day.

So how do the blood sugars of a high carb no bolus diabetic look?


Thanks to my FreeStyle Libre, here is the answer.

Some context: I rise at about 4am, eat a snack (bread), walk at sunrise for an hour, inject 2 units of Levemir, eat breakfast (oats and fruit), ride my bicycle for 90 minutes. At noon I eat another high carb meal (potatoes and vegies), snack (bread) at 4pm before another hour walk, inject 2 units of Levemir, evening meal at 6pm (more wonderful carbs including bread), and retire about 9pm.

Total daily calories: 3000cal, 80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat.

As Alana suggested, the graph looks like the waves of the sea. I could flatten these out with some rapid insulin, but that gives me severe hypos. I have recently reduced the Levemir from 6 units to 4, again to reduce the number of low glucose events. That’s why HbA1c is 5.8% instead of 5.6%.

Not having to count carbs and inject at mealtimes is a real blessing. It makes diabetes just about bearable.

The key principle is: no fat or oils. One fatty meal and the waves become flatlines, they don’t subside.

I look forward to your comments!