Sick Days

Beware of visitors bearing gifts! Gifts in the form of a virus. Which made our poor visitor himself very sick.

For a type 1 diabetic, even the simple flu can be a life-threatening condition. I pride myself on good blood sugar management through diet, exercise and a total daily insulin dosage of 4 units.

When the flu comes, this all becomes irrelevant. Read More

Hi Carb No Bolus Diabetic

Nine months ago I switched from LCHF to Dr. McDougall’s high carb no fat diet (plant based, starchivore)  to manage my type 1 diabetes. Since then I have not needed to inject rapid insulin at meal times. Before that, I needed about 10 units of bolus a day (plus 16 of basal), even though my carbs intake was less than 30 grams a day. Dietary fat had made me so insulin resistant, that my body needed exogenous insulin to metabolise it’s very own carbs my poor liver was grinding out all day, every day.

So how do the blood sugars of a high carb no bolus diabetic look? Read More


It is four in the morning. The Jetstar A330 from Osaka touches down at nearby Cairns Airport. I hear the long braking run. No reverse thrust is used, thoughtful pilots.

I wake from a weird dream. Low sugar?

Yep, I’m still a diabetic.

With heavy heart I start the daily diabetes grind: check blood, correct, eat, exercise, inject, check, correct, etc., etc.

Some days are like that. Read More

Swan Lake

Type 1 diabetes is a big deal. Many non-diabetics are clueless about what it entails to have to manage and integrate a chronic disease. Some get annoyed when the diabetic friend or loved one speaks too often about things ‘D’.

We feel alone. Read More

Like a child

Riding my bike around Cairns every day is as good as it gets. On a beautiful sunny day the scenery is stunning.

It gets better when I get rained on. Riding through the puddles, soaked to the bone, smile on my face and a song in my heart, the envy of the occupants of the passing steel coffins that squirt jets of spray all over me in their pointless hurry to get to work. Read More

Stop and Smell

Judging by my Facebook feed the presidential election result in the US of A means the end of the world as we know it. The screeching of the lefties easily overpowers the cicada chorus in the tree outside my window. The victors are on the back foot, secretly gloating, yet uneasy about the future they wanted so badly, and got. Read More

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