Old Habits: RotKat

I was beginning to worry that diabetes had become your life, for the rest of your life.

A recent comment from son number 2

Management and integration of type 1 into one’s daily routine is indeed an almost full-time task. That is, if one wants to die of old age instead of diabetes complications. Poor Mary Tyler Moore. She did well. May she rest in peace.

The sea is always beckoning. Thrice a day during my exercise she sings her siren song. I have decided to cut the ropes of blood sugar meter and insulin injections that tie me to the mast.

I’m building another boat.

Not to sail around the world, no, just to nip over the horizon with the childbride on a good day, and explore the wonderland that is the Great Barrier Reef. Exotic places like Upolu Cay, Green Island, Fitzroy Island, Michaelmas Cay, all within 15-20 nautical miles from our home in Cairns.

‘Om Toch’, the flagship of our current fleet (see featured photo) is good for sheltered inshore work, a bit riskier for the hop over open water. She is a Vivier Seil design, built by me in 2009. Then there is ‘Pera’, a Laurent Giles Vertue, built by me in 2003. A good sea boat if not a bit slow. Not suited for what we have in mind.

My first boats were catamarans. The new ship will be a cat, the Eco 5.5 Sail designed by Bernd Kohler, 5.5. metres long, 2.5 wide, simple camping accommodation, trailable, capable, stable, fast, and somewhat out of the ordinary. The drawings arrived yesterday. First task completed: pick a name.


The ‘Kat’ bit refers to ‘cat’ as in catamaran and the miaow creature. The ‘Rot’ part means ‘naughty’ or something like that. The term comes from a Dutch ditty about a nice cat being a naughty cat. Whimsical and lighthearted, as diabetics should be.

Estimated building time: six months.

And here she is:


Watch this space!

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  1. I look forward to the build. I am even more excited to contemplate the adventures once RotKat is built!



  2. Sounds incredibly exciting guys, can’t wait to see it.



  3. 6 months, that’s no time at all!! We look forward to seeing the naughty cat! xo



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