Another Machans sunrise. Every morning the same sun rising, every morning different. I love this part of my exercise routine: stop for a moment, retrieve that wonderful fujifilm kit from my bag, and frame the shot. On the walk home, think about using the pic in the next blog post. What shall I write?

Life as a ‘livabetic’ is never boring. The goal is to maintain the one teaspoon of sugar dissolved in my blood exactly at that level. That equates to 70 grains of sugar. 15 grains too few is hypo territory – shakes, incoherence, eventually coma. 15 grains too many in the longer term, and the dreaded diabetes complications await me.

This morning’s sugar: 4.5, about 2 grains too few. Close enough for me.

Insulin needs are still being adjusted. Last week it was 5 units in total per day, that still gave me the occasional hypo. This week it’s like the passengers boarding Noah’s ark, two by two. Two units of levemir injected at breakfast, another two before going to sleep at night.

No hypos!

Four units of insulin in total to ‘cover’ 600 grams of carbs. Hurray for the starchivore diet!