On waking today my blood sugar was 4.8 mmol/L. That’s the same as a normal person’s. After breakfast and bike ride 3.9, before lunch 4.9. Yesterday’s numbers: 4.6, 5.8, 4.9, 4.8, 3.6, 7.3, 4.7. All pretty much normal.

Why do I value plain vanilla ordinary normalcy?

High Blood sugar levels Kill

Japanese scientists have demonstrated here that there is a correlation between high blood sugar levels and the diseases many of us – both non-diabetics and diabetics – will die of: cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and ischaemic stroke. A graph from this paper is sobering:

HbA1c is the percentage of red blood cells that have been affected by blood sugar. My last HbA1c was 5.6%, in July it was 5.4%. To all intents and purposes: that of a non-diabetic.

The truly amazing miracle is that I am able to do this on a high carb diet. I eat only plants, no meat, no dairy, no added oils and fats, mainly whole foods. I’m a starchivore.

By definition type 1 diabetics are unable to process carbohydrates without injected insulin.

It gets even better: I inject only 5 units of long-acting insulin a day. My five units are like the five loaves out of the miracle feeding story: they are sufficient for my body to metabolise the multitude of carbs I consume every day: 600 – 700 grams of delicious, satisfying carbs.

And no creature had to suffer and die for me.

In diabetics 101 it is taught: 10 – 15 grams of carbs requires 1 unit of insulin. In theory I should be injecting 50 to 70 units of insulin.

I do 5.

Those who pray for my miraculous recovery are blind to the miracle that is happening right in front of their very noses. Eating plants and exercise is as mundane, ordinary and irrational as washing one’s leprous body in the dirty Jordan river, or sloshing mud in one’s unseeing eyes.

Like the featured pic: a stupid cat sitting on a fence under the tropical sun waiting for the mail. Normalcy.

The everyday is a miracle.

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  1. That you can achieve that, is amazing, that there isn’t a multitude knocking down your door asking for your advice, is unbelievable.



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