Wishing everybody normal blood sugars and great insulin sensitivity!

Fasting blood sugar for the first day of the new year was 5.6 mmol/L (101mg/dl). It is a good start. My numbers have been running a bit low during the last week. I’ve been getting hypos at times that I normally don’t. I haven’t change my routine, other than increasing salt intake a little. Turns out that low sodium can cause insulin resistance. Doc said that this is not so (of course she would say this), yet I have decreased the volume of my once a day insulin injection to 5 units of Levemir instead of 6. So far so good.

It seems that the first day of a new year is the appropriate occasion to resolve resolutions. I wonder how I’ll fare with these this year! In 2017 I resolve to:

  1. Pay more attention to this blog. Make it like a diary.
  2. Eliminate sweeteners from my diet. I’m partial to stevia, and use it in my morning oats, cups of tea, and to make my apple cider vinegar drinks more palatable. I have a theory that stevia makes me pee a lot, hence the need to up salt intake. Perhaps I can kill the stevia and salt birds with this one stone.
  3. Cease the search. For much of my life and for reasons I don’t fully understand I have operated from the assumption that the given world is not it, that there is ultimate meaning to be found in the Beyond: beyond the given, the senses, the sky, thinking, self consciousness and time. I resolve to seek no more.

The featured photo is of my youngest granddaughter. Her eyes are such that when I look into them, searching for meaning seems silly.

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  1. I suspect there will still be some seeking, if only to continue to make sense of the world we live in.



    1. Thanks, Jo-Anne. You hit the nail on the head, instead of seeking meaning beyond the given, I intend to make sense and meaning where there is none.



  2. And what eyes they are!

    There has to be more than the given world if we are to believe in eternity. This world and all on it will cease to exist, but life will never cease. Religious dogma would love for us to stop searching, because it has a consuming need to control our minds. Stop not the search.



    1. Thanks, Edi. I’m trying to step out of the religious paradigm, where bliss or eternity is always beyond, especially beyond the grave. The church or religious organisation does consider itself to be custodian of all knowledge of the beyond, if not the beyond itself. I’m getting out of both: church and beyond.

      I think that’s going to be easier than giving up stevia!πŸ€“



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