Wishing everybody normal blood sugars and great insulin sensitivity!

Fasting blood sugar for the first day of the new year was 5.6 mmol/L (101mg/dl). It is a good start. My numbers have been running a bit low during the last week. I’ve been getting hypos at times that I normally don’t. I haven’t change my routine, other than increasing salt intake a little. Turns out that low sodium can cause insulin resistance. Doc said that this is not so (of course she would say this), yet I have decreased the volume of my once a day insulin injection to 5 units of Levemir instead of 6. So far so good.

It seems that the first day of a new year is the appropriate occasion to resolve resolutions. I wonder how I’ll fare with these this year! In 2017 I resolve to:

  1. Pay more attention to this blog. Make it like a diary.
  2. Eliminate sweeteners from my diet. I’m partial to stevia, and use it in my morning oats, cups of tea, and to make my apple cider vinegar drinks more palatable. I have a theory that stevia makes me pee a lot, hence the need to up salt intake. Perhaps I can kill the stevia and salt birds with this one stone.
  3. Cease the search. For much of my life and for reasons I don’t fully understand I have operated from the assumption that the given world is not it, that there is ultimate meaning to be found in the Beyond: beyond the given, the senses, the sky, thinking, self consciousness and time. I resolve to seek no more.

The featured photo is of my youngest granddaughter. Her eyes are such that when I look into them, searching for meaning seems silly.