A healthy human has just under 5 grams of sugar dissolved in the bloodstream. That’s about 1 teaspoonful. The body has a clever mechanism to keep sugar at this steady level. Too low and the brain goes into a kernel panic. Too high is like spilling a sugary soft drink over the computer keyboard. Everything becomes sticky, blood protein is deformed and over time results in limb amputation or blindness.

My mission, and I had no choice in deciding to accept it, is to keep my blood sugar at a level between 4 and 6 grams when measured before breakfast, lunch and dinner. No assistance from the body’s intricate autopilot.

Food raises the sugar level, insulin and exercise lower it.

One slice of bread ups the sugar concentration by 3 grams, 0.01ml of insulin downs it by about 10 grams. Exercise? God knows, but He won’t tell me. It’s lowering effect can last for up to 16 hours, though.

It’s a never-ending balancing act, continually adjusted by trial and error.

Ridiculous, really!