Why high carb

Countless studies demonstrate that a high carb diet is bad for a diabetic. And with the increasing popularity of Atkins, Paleo and ketogenic diets, it seems that carbs are evil for healthy people too. My dear niece likes to share ‘ditch the carbs’ recipes on Facebook. Just to amuse me, I’m sure.

So why is this particular type 1 diabetic thriving on a very high carb diet? Why is it that I can have good blood glucose control while eating 700 grams of carbs a day and injecting only minimal insulin?

The secret is insulin resistance. Mine is extremely low. I get lots of bang for my insulin buck. I eat no animal products, fats or oils.

I’m not a scientist, I just keep a log of food, exercise, blood sugar and insulin injected. Occasionally I draw a conclusion, applicable to me only.

When I was a fat burner I would eat about 20 grams of carbs per day, and 90 grams of protein. The rest of my calories came from fat, about 200 grams or more. My food consisted primarily of animal based products, with some plant oils. I injected four times a day, a total of 16 units of long acting insulin, and 6-14 units of rapid acting per day. It was always a mystery to me why so much rapid was needed. But it was. HbA1c ranged between 5.0 and 5.4%

Now that I’m a carb burner I eat 700 grams of carbs, 90 grams of protein and 35 grams of fat per day. My diet consists of only plant based food, focussing on starches, with no added oils or fats. I inject once a day with 6 units of long acting insulin. Last HbA1c was 5.3%.

I believe that fat made me insulin resistant. Not only did I have type 1 diabetes, I also gave myself type 2 by eating a high fat diet.

Occasionally my blood sugar spikes a little if I eat too much white bread, for example. One evening recently my blood sugar was 9 mmol (162 mg/dl). I injected a correction dose of half a unit of rapid insulin. Two hours later I was battling a hypo,  blood sugar was 3 mmol (54 mg/dl). As a fatburner 1 unit of insulin would drop me by 2.5 or so mmol (45 mg/dl). Now as a starchivore 1 unit drops me up to 12 mmol (216 mg/dl). Rapid insulin has become dangerous, and I don’t inject it anymore.

To my unscientific mind with a sample size n=1 it seems that fat is the culprit, and not carbs.

As a starchivore I feel much, much better too!

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  1. While I am not a diabetic, I too have made the transition from a ketogenic diet to whole food plant based eating. I have transformed my cholesterol level since the change over and also experienced a step change in energy levels.



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