Breakfast on the beach

Fasting glucose is 4.9 mmol/L  (88 mg/dl) today. Another wonderful start to a high carb day. Yet again I am astounded that the starchivore diet allows me to achieve excellent blood sugar control on only 1 insulin injection. Today I’ll eat 700 grams of carbs, 90 grams protein and 20 grams fat. Covered by all of 6 units of Levemir. Read More

Dancing the cord

Being a diabetic is like dancing on a cord, the Dutch equivalent of tightrope walking. Carefully we balance our sugar, charting a course between the  Scylla of too low which could result in the instant dead in bed syndrome, and the Charybdis of too high which could result in premature dead in bed and anywhere else syndrome.

My fasting glucose this morning was 4.6 mmol (83 mg/dl), dead on the normal number! Woohoo!

There is greater joy in heaven (and here too) over one diabetic who gets his or her sugar right, than over 99 with a righteous pancreas who don’t even know their sugars, nor need to. 😉

Why high carb

Countless studies demonstrate that a high carb diet is bad for a diabetic. And with the increasing popularity of Atkins, Paleo and ketogenic diets, it seems that carbs are evil for healthy people too. My dear niece likes to share ‘ditch the carbs’ recipes on Facebook. Just to amuse me, I’m sure.

So why is this particular type 1 diabetic thriving on a very high carb diet? Why is it that I can have good blood glucose control while eating 700 grams of carbs a day and injecting only minimal insulin? Read More

A starchivore day

So how does a starchivore type 1 manage their blood sugars while eating only plant based whole foods?  Earlier this week I kept a record of blood sugars, food, insulin and exercise. Here is the result.

On waking at 5am I check my sugar, 5.1 mmol (92 mg/dl). Pretty good! I eat a sourdough breadroll with some mango jam. Time for the morning walk, a 6km trek around our seaside village, watching the sun rise over the Coral Sea. After the walk my sugar is 4.5 mmol (81 mg/dl).  Read More


This week I wiped the iPod I keep in the car. 16 gigabytes of sacred music gone. No more credo and kyrie, no more agnus and hosanna. I’m done with it. Instead, opera, concerto and symphony fill the car when I’m driving. Read More

Starchivore Diabetic?

In Diabetes 101 I learnt that type 1 diabetics produce little to no insulin, are unable to metabolise carbohydrates, and must restrict carbs and starches in their diet. The body converts these to sugar, and this is poison to a diabetic. Read More

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