Going down to the sea in ships

To refer to a yachtsman as a fair weather sailor, is pretty much up there as far as insults go. True, I err on the side of caution, I pick my weather and tides, I know the capabilities and limitations of ship, crew and skipper (me), and as my boys say with a chuckle, “Dad always has a backup plan”. Before letting go of the mooring, I usually shoot off the Breton fisherman’s prayer, “Lord thy sea is great, and my ship is but small”.

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Newspapers and spiritual practice

I am an early riser. The best time of the day is that silent hour just before dawn. The night is almost done, and there is an expectant longing for the greying of the eastern sky that heralds the new day.  It is the time par excellence to immerse in the silence. This is the hour to “serve the Lord in awe, and to rejoice with trembling” (Psalm 2).

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