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The T1D Diaries

A photoblog celebrating life and diabetes

Fairy Land

Bi-annual review this week. All results from an extensive battery of tests are in the normal healthy non-diabetic range, including A1c at 5.8% and total cholesterol at 3.3 mmol/L. 

Only another diabete and their loved ones would understand the hard work that goes into a result like this: the discipline, the diet (vegan plant based whole food high carb low fat), the exercise (1,000 km cycling, 200 km walking each month). All this means I require only 5-7 units of basal insulin per day, no bolus.

I have a sense of achievement.

The endo’s response?

“Your A1c is too low, your carb intake is too high, and your lifestyle is extreme”.

On Receiving

Getting a present for one’s birthday is precarious business. A control freak’s nightmare!

Will they remember to send a present? Will it be a two word text message a week after the event? Will they remember my birthday? Will they even remember me?

Perhaps that is why the Master taught: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

He was wrong. 😇

The photo is the reflection of the dawn of another gloriously gratuitous day in the windows of a local beach shack.

Very special. Like the pair of socks I may or may not get. 😁


Adam and Steve

Margaret Court says that Adam should not be able to marry Steve.

That would contravene God’s Word, better known as the Bible.

Margaret Court is a woman.

Margaret Court is the pastor of a church.

That too contravenes God’s Word.

Putting the fun back into fundamentalism😂!

Home 5 – Away 28

Never a dull moment in the life of a type 1 diabetic. No matter how strictly one sticks to the routine, some factors can’t be guessed at, let alone controlled.

My 87 year old father survived a heart attack recently. Wonderful news! Impeccable timing too, a week before his and mother’s usual minders leave on a seven week world tour. Continue Reading

Born of the wind

Building boats is something I love doing.

James Wharram once said that a fulfilled life for a man is to have planted a tree, raised a son, and built a boat. Seems he got that quote from the Talmud.

After building a couple of Wharrams, a van de Stadt, a couple of Oughtreds, a Laurent Giles or two, a Welsford, and a Vivier, I’ve now put my hand to Kohler’s plough.

Continue Reading


I have a very easy time of it. Being a type 1 diabetic that is. Compared with the difficulties other T1Ds experience, I’m almost embarrassed.

I don’t prick my fingers 6-10 times a day, the Libre takes care of that. I inject only twice a day, 3 units of long acting Levemir at breakfast, 2 units at the evening meal. I don’t bolus or correct with rapid acting insulin injections. I don’t count carbs. I don’t get serious hypos. Any spikes exceed 15mmol (270mg/dl) on sick days only. My HbA1c is 5.6%. Other than Levemir I take no medications, no statins, no blood pressure meds, no nexium etc. The only supplement I take is a B12 tablet twice a week. BMI is 20, blood pressure 115/60, resting heart rate high 40s, and total cholesterol 2.4 mmol/l (93 mg/dl).

How? Continue Reading

First cut

“Is the deepest”, the minstrel sang.

Yesterday I started the construction of ‘RotKat’ Mk2, an ECOnomy 6 sailing catamaran designed by Bernd Kohler. She is a larger sister of ‘RotKat’ Mk1, which I started building not long ago.

I came to the realisation this week that I need not behave like a Virgo any longer, that I was ready to be born under the Leo zodiac sign, that it’s not my fault Ma wanted to cook me for an extra five weeks, so heck, I can make decisions befitting a Leo!🦁😉 Continue Reading

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